Steve Zebs - Uk Comedy Magician based on the East Coast of England
Steve Zebs - Comedy Magician

Steve performs with his own cheeky style that delights audiences of all ages with great aplomb as he showcases his talents of Magic, Comedy, Vocals and Ventriloquism.

Steve has over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry.

The show is suitable for all ages. The show contains stand-up Comedy, Magic to music, Comedy magic and the Hilarious "Max The Lion"

"Magic, Mayhem and Max the Lion, His unique Showmanship and Style offer a blend of sophisticated "Real Magic" and witty off the cuff comedy" 

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 Steve constantly performs around the world from hotels to cruise
ships Internationally while at home in the U.K he is in constant
demand from Holiday parks and Theatres enchanting audiences with
his panache and flair for the magically dramatic albeit still with
a twinke in his eye as he fools everyone time after time.
Watch Steve perfrom classic routines of magic
as well as new comedy in a style that is iniquely his own 

Steve' s flexibility and versatility, combined with his humour and pleasing personality,
make him one of the most popular as well as professional entertainers on the scene.

Steve Zebs - Reviews

Steve Zebs Comedy Magician

We were entertained by Steve Zebs, who did magic combined with comedy. He was fantastic, funny, with some great magic tricks. He kept the whole audience entertained for a full hour and there was plenty of laughter, sometimes tears of laughter. Max the Lion was great! The act was very adult focused but I can imagine he must have a great kid's show as well.

Steve Zebs Comedy Magician

"The best entertainment for me was The Magic of Steve Zebs, was a really funny bloke, that entertained the adults and kids at the same time 

Steve Zebs Comedy Magician

 "Slick is a word which comes to mind when describing the stage act of comedy magician, Steve Zebs. Being truly innovative in this market must be hard, but at least Zebs attempts something different, blending comedy with illusions and, for the most part, succeeding. It all goes to make him a safe bet for bookers across most venues."

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Steve Zebs - Comedy Magician

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Steve Zebs - Comedy Magician

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Steve Zebs - Comedy Magician

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Steve Zebs Comedy Magician

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Steve Zebs - Comedy Magician

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Steve Zebs Comedy Magician

Steve Zebs - "Late and Live" DVD

New DVD Available to Buy.

DVD Includes:
* The complete segment of Max the Lion.
* Recorded live at Warners for an adult audience
* Extra Magic Routines and Jokes

Rated PG.

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